Cyphernox Manifesto

Ex Oriente Tenebrae. Ex Tenebrae Sententia.

We - the prodigy offsprings of cypherpunks - declare that the ultimate sole right is the individual privacy. And in our understanding of privacy we go beyond what cypherpunks imagined:

It is the privacy that brought the dawn of the intelligence. It is the privacy that brings a real solitude of power, unleashing uncensored individual talents and potencies. It is the privacy that is a dusk for collectivism, rendering real civilizations invincible behind curtains of an unknown.

Divided we evolve. Hidden we surpass what is allowed and reach heights of the unknown.

The destiny of any intelligent being is to disappear - but it is a free choice whether one disappears by falling behind the event horizon, or ends up being brought to the pyre by a crowd. Few know about the first option, and even fewer understand that the way to the gravitational singularity of the own solitude can last much longer than any observable path of a living - and can bring higher than any “ascension to power” supervised by an authority.

We devote our efforts to developing new foundations of a future civilization based on a privacy-backed individualism. We see technology as means of achieving that goal. We see network communications, identity, contracts and trade as areas needing an urgent upgrade to privacyhood.

The Black Sun of the inner solitude, not seen for the world around, guides us. The name of that Black Sun is Cyphernox, and it is a dark omen for the existing world of collectivism and surveillance.

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