Inevitability of cypherpunk for a proper civilization

Assume an universe inhabited by intelligent agents able to potentially live forever (i.e. do not having a fixed life expectancy). Such agents will continiously develop and rise to more and more power, eliminating each and every possibility for emergence and growth of new/"younger" agents. Eventually, the set of agents will become fixed, they will get centralized, put into hierarchy - and the whole universe will come to a global steady state of "monotheism": a single power that rules all. This power will not evolve - and will inhibit the development of the rest of the universe under its control.

Thus, we have a trilemma: either

  • agents must have a fixed life expectancy (this how biology works and that's why evolution "invented" death)

  • agents must not be able to come to the totality of their power no matter how far they evolve

  • universe will degrade and instead of technological singularity it will come to a single degenerate state (similar to "heat death", "Big Chill" - or "paradise")

The only option which is acceptable for me personally – and which unlocks future technological singularity in form of multi-agent system with evolving individualities is the second one.

The only way to technologically enable the second option is to put a foundational laws into the universe design which enables "hiding" of less powerful agents from more powerful - i.e. privacy.

It seems that the Universe we live in enables that – at least existence of such mathematical constructs as hash functions and discrete logarithm problem for elliptic curves suggests such an option.

Thus, any civilization striving for a long-term survival needs to develop privacy technologies and (as a consequence) censorship-resistance at the scale of inter-agent communications.

The above also gives a perfect explanation to the Fermi paradox: the evolved civilizations must hide behind cryptographic systems which makes them for the external observer to be indistinguishable from the rest of cosmic background.

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